Tony Rule

Tony is a highly accomplished tech entrepreneur. He tries to live in the future as much as possible and loves to create services that save people time.

Team Time Planning (2021-2023)

As hire #18 at Float, (5-10M ARR) Tony played a key Senior Product Management role during this high growth period. He led headline projects to streamline user roles and permissions, create project templates, enhance integrations, sign-in processes, billing flows and team settings. He complimented these often technical features with internal training using short and easy to digest Loom screen recordings that anyone across the company could understand.

He helped recruit and onboard senior team members across Product Management, UX Research, and Insights as the group tripled in size.

Most recently, Tony initiated the "UX Wins" stream, where he drove smaller improvements which were quickly conceptualized, designed, and implemented within short timeframes.

Automation for Everyone (2015-2018)

As hire #28 at Zapier (6-60M ARR), Tony played a pivotal role to make Zapier the most connected app automation platform.  He created the 10x vision to have 5000 app partners. Under Tony's leadership, Zapier certified over 1000 app partners (450 to 1450 apps). He recruited a global team that reduced the time for partners to certify with Zapier from 120 to less than 30 days. Today, Zapier has over 2 million customers and more than 5000 app partners.

The Accounting Engine for the Internet (2007-2015)

As hire #28 at Xero (0-150M ARR), Tony was the driving force behind the Xero Developer Program and created an open API strategy that helped Xero become the most connected online accounting platform. His pioneering approach resulted in Xero having over 400 app partners by 2014. Today, Xero has over 3 million customers and more than 1000 app partners.

Ordering is Easy (2002-2006)

Tony co-founded Spikefin, an online food ordering platform that powered Hell Pizza's growth in the early 2000s (2-50M). He had a vision to put online ordering at the heart of the business when the market leaders where doubling down on 0800 call centres. The platform quickly became the busiest food ordering website in New Zealand, earning the #1 Hitwise ranking from 2002 to 2006. During this time, Hell Pizza grew from 3 to 66 stores. Today, Hell has 77 stores around New Zealand.

When not working or wrangling with his 4 young kids Tony loves to get out on the water for a foil.